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Far-right popularity shocks France

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Far-right popularity shocks France


France has awoken to another opinion poll that suggests the far-right leader Marine Le Pen could win the first round of next year’s presidential election.

A second survey puts the National Front leader ahead no matter which main socialist candidate she faced – even the popular Dominique Strauss-Kahn, currently head of the IMF.

President Nicolas Sarkozy would be third and ousted from the run-off.

Marine le Pen is riding high. “What I see, from this trend that’s been expressed in opinion polls from all the agencies for quite a number of weeks now, is that it’s out there now and for me, it corresponds to reality.”

The first poll was criticised for interviewing people online and for its choice of candidates.

But the new far right leader has certainly made an impact, benefiting from people’s discontent and the president’s unpopularity.

A decade since her controversial father reached the presidential run-off, few deny Marine Le Pen is capable of repeating his achievement.

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