Both factions defiant in the war for Libya

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Both factions defiant in the war for Libya

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Intense fighting has continued across Libya with both government and opposition groups claiming success.

In Misrata, where rebels say they beat back Gaddafi’s forces, at least 21 people were killed, according to doctors, with many hundreds more wounded.

The UN has called for immediate access to give medical assistance.

While the rebels have claimed Misrata and Zawiyah, it appears to be a different story in Bin Jawad where they were forced to retreat.

One fighter returning wounded from the town said Gaddafi’s troops had “cut them to pieces with artillery and air strikes”.

Bin Jawad is on the road to Sirte, the hometown of Gaddafi, which is where his forces are reported to be massing with more than 20,000 fighters.

Meanwhile Hannibal Gaddafi, one of the Libyan leader’s sons was photographed telling the press all was going his father’s way.

Certainly in Tripoli, Gaddafi supporters were out in force. They said they were celebrating because government troops had taken control of all areas right up to Benghazi in the east, something which Libyan state-run television broadcasted but which the rebels firmly denied.