Libyan rebels say they're preparing to move west

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Libyan rebels say they're preparing to move west

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Journalist, Francesca Cicardi is the eastern Libyan city of Ras Lanuf. From there, she sent this report:

“The rebels at Ras Lanuf are making sure the city remains in their hands. Now they’re also advancing up to Nufilia, 120 kilometres from Sirte, which is their next target.

They say that they’re counting on support from residents of Gaddafi’s hometown, and on hundreds of volunteers coming from all over the west, as I found yesterday on the road from Bengazi to Ras Lanuf.

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As they go, the rebels are carrying a lot of high calibre ammunition. They don’t mind using some of it to celebrate their victories.

Colonel Bashir al Maghrebi, who’s heading the rebel fighters on the eastern front, says he has 8,000 men and they’ll continue to move forward, despite the attempts of Gaddafi’s army. The rebels are sure that Gaddafi’s army is afraid of them and that their numbers are smaller.”