Plight of Libyan refugee

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Plight of Libyan refugee

Plight of Libyan refugee
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The plight of Sub-Saharan Africans mistaken for Gaddafi mercenaries has been widely reported already.

But those trying to flee the fighting say they are also being attacked by Gaddafi’s supporters, angry that they are leaving Libya.

Our reporter on the Tunisian border met one who managed to get out.

Ali, a Ghanaian, had been working for a construction company in Libya since December.

“Some Libyans claim that some blacks are killing civilians. We know that no Ghanaians are killing Libyans. Because of that we have to leave and save our lives,” he said.

Ali has a wife and three children waiting anxiously at home. But he also worries about the countrymen he has left behind in Libya.

“Every night my wife calls me crying because of our condition. So I plead with the UN and the EU to help us reach our country,” he added.

The United Nations has in fact begun a vast operation to repatriate refugees from the Djerba Zarziz airport. It is also getting fresh satellite images to assess the situation in Libya itself, amid reports thousands are close to the border but for some reason are not actually reaching it.

Euronews correspondent Jamel Ezzedini said: “Ali’s story doubtless resembles that of many other Ghanaian workers who have found themselves in the middle of clashes between the Gaddafi regime and angry young Libyans.

“Ali was much luckier than many because he headed straight to the airport at Ras Jdir, while others are still waiting for their turn to be repatriated.”