Libya braced for fresh fighting

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Libya braced for fresh fighting

Libya braced for fresh fighting
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Libyans are braced for another day of fighting, as Muammar Gaddafi steps up efforts to quell the uprising.

Yesterday rebels extended their grip on a key coast road, pushing Muammar Gaddafi’s forces back against the odds.

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Brega remains the stronghold of resistance and rebels there show no signs of losing faith in their cause.

Soldier Farajala Shrash said: “I’ve got my will. And I’ve got my beliefs that we have lost a lot in 42 years. I didn’t witness all of those 42 years, but I have witnessed enough to have faith and the belief to fight for something – which is our freedom and our rights in Libya.”

Brega and its strategically vital coast road and oil terminal have been under attack since Wednesday.

Gaddafi’s son, Saif, says bombing raids were only intended to scare rather than kill militia and to regain control of oil installations.

There are reports coming out of Tripoli of mass kidnappings. Gadaffi also retains control of Sirte.

But rebels say they have pushed their front line west of Brega and have driven back government forces to Ras Lanuf.

Their anti-aircraft artillery is at the ready should Gaddafi’s bombers return as it’s expected they will.

But it is unclear how big the rebel arsenal is, and how long they can hold out unless they get some kind of back-up.