Claims of mercenaries in Libya persist

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Claims of mercenaries in Libya persist

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euronews has heard claims that African nationals are being press-ganged into fighting with government troops in Libya.

250 kilometres south of Tripoli, the small town of Nalut is in rebel hands after throwing off Gaddafi’s rule.

One opposition activist claimed refugees are arriving in large numbers. Chaaban Bou Setta said most are Africans who are making their way towards Algeria.

“There are many of them and they’re confronted by a dramatic humanitarian situation.” he said.

“These Africans are fleeing coastal towns because Gaddafi’s regime is trying to force them to fight among the ranks of its armed forces.”

It’s inhumane,” he says, “we call on humanitarian organisations to come help find a solution to this dramatic situation.”

Nalut lies about 60km from the Tunisian border. It shows how the revolt against Gaddafi has taken hold in remote areas of Libya as well as the more populous Mediterranean coast.

But the rebels are nervously mounting barricades, fearing a possible counter-attack.