Thousands flock to airport to leave Libya

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Thousands flock to airport to leave Libya

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Busloads of people continue to arrive at Libya’s Djerba Airport, in the hope of catching a flight out of the violence-stricken country.

Officials think 15,000 people will leave Djerba during the course of today.

The EU has organised emergency airlifts. Ships are also waiting offshore.

“We are planning to have six planes today, each with 250 seats, leaving Djerba for Cairo, and this will be the case for the next five days.” said Boris Boillon, France’s ambassador to Tunisia.

Aid from the EU now tops 10 million euros, and will pay for food, tents and medical supplies for those displaced by the conflict.

The UN estimates around 180 thousand people have been affected in total.

More than 77 thousand have already crossed east into Egypt, while a similar number have fled west into Tunisia.

Thirty thousand are still waiting at the Tunisian border.