Refugees flee Libyan unrest

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Refugees flee Libyan unrest

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Refugees who have fled the unrest in Libya are now staying in makeshift camps across the border in neighbouring Tunisia.

They have their identity papers checked by volunteers after receiving some food and water.

After a long journey across the desert, they contact their families using the latest satellite equipment provided by NGO ‘Telecoms Without Borders’.

Refugees had mobiles and money seized by Libyan police when they tried to cross into Tunisia.

“I am happy and grateful that I have been able to contact my family. I told them that I was now in Tunisia and that I’m doing very well,” one refugee told euronews.

More than 80,000 people have arrived in Tunisia since February 20 and thousands more are queueing at the border.

Volunteers say their resources are already stretched to the limit.

The refugees will stay in the camp until they can be repatriated.