Is this the start of Libya's civil war?

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Is this the start of Libya's civil war?

Is this the start of Libya's civil war?
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Intense fighting between rebels and those loyal to Libya’s embattled leader Muammar Gaddafi suggests a civil war scenario is edging ever closer.

Footage, the origin of which is difficult to verify, appears to show anti-government recruits trying to drive back Gaddafi’s forces.

The renewed clashes came as a warplane launched airstrikes against the port town of Brega for a second day, according to witness reports.

The rebels insist they remain in charge of the vital oil terminal, Libya’s second biggest, after successfully foiling a counteroffensive by Gaddafi’s men yesterday.

Much of Libya, apart from Tripoli, also still appears to be out of the Libyan leaders contol and in the hands of the rebels.

Despite the growing international pressure, Gaddafi appears intent suppressing the revolt.

There are still hopes that a diplomatic solution can be found.

Venezuela said Libya’s government is willing to talk with the rebels to find a solution, with the help of a delegation led by President Hugo Chavez.

The Arab League has reportedly shown interest in the proposal but so far the leaders of the uprising insist they will not talk with Gaddafi.

In the meantime, the battle for who controls Libya goes on.