Fresh air strikes hit rebel Libyan town

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Fresh air strikes hit rebel Libyan town

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Libyan military aircraft have launched fresh air strikes on the rebel-controlled town of Brega.

Brega, in the east of the country, is strategically important as it is key export hub for Libyan oil.

There were no reports of any casualties.

The attacks come one day after clashes between Gaddafi loyalists and anti-regime forces in the town left 14 people dead.

The rebels’ National Libyan Council yesterday called for the international community to intervene and stop the violence. They control a number of locations in the east of Libya.

The fighting has been concentrated in Brega and Ajdabiyah.

Colonel Gaddafi still holds the capital, Tripoli, and a number of cities in the west, including his home town, Sirt.

A spokesman for the rebels said military planes had also dropped bombs in Ajdabiya, another anti-Gaddafi stronghold.

Gaddafi has told the West not to intervene, warning that it would cause “another Vietnam.”