New rebel recruits vow to overthrow Gaddafi

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New rebel recruits vow to overthrow Gaddafi

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As funerals were held in the city of Benghazi for those killed in recent violence, word began to spread about pro-Gaddafi forces attacking the port town of Brega, some 200 kilometres away.

Amid the grief and the emotion of buring their dead, the anti-Gaddafi insurgents made preparations for a possible attack.

However, later in the day news came through that the pro-Gaddafi forces had been repelled. Leaders made the announcement to those gathered in a main square.

euronews reporter Mohamed Elhamy in Benghazi said: “Morale is high after the news that Brega is back in the hands of the rebels.” He says the insurgents’ military council believes it “can stop any kind of attack against the eastern region.”

“They can’t come into our region,” one man told euronews. “We have men who are going to defy this dictator, no matter what, no matter what.”

“Are you ready?” we asked another man. “Of course,” he said. “Of course we are ready.”

People are lining up to join the insurgents. Former senior military personnel in Gaddafi’s army are helping with the recruitment.

One man joining the rebels said: “We are here to be trained by army officers to free Tripoli and its suburbs.”