Tunisia asks for help in tackling border chaos

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Tunisia asks for help in tackling border chaos

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Tunisia’s government has called for help in dealing with the thousands of Egyptian labourers and other foreign workers who have streamed across the border to avoid the turmoil in Libya.

With so many people to cope with, most have been given the minimum to survive – some milk and bread and perhaps a blanket.

“The situation here is almost a catastrophe,” said one man. “We call on all the organisations of the world, all governments, all humanitarian associations to intervene to help these people return home with dignity.”

The United Nations has called on Libya’s neighbours to keep their borders open and not to restrict those fleeing the violence.

Euronews reporter Jamel Ezzeddi said: “Tens of thousands of Egyptians and other foreigners were having to spend another night outside at the mercy of the elements in Ras Jedir. Everyone hopes that tomorrow will bring a solution to end their suffering as the aid efforts from the Tunisians are not nearly enough.”