Evacuated workers pour into Malta

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Evacuated workers pour into Malta

Evacuated workers pour into Malta
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Foreign workers fleeing the situation in Libya are continuing to arrive on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

The country’s prime minister, Lawrence Gonzi, has also approved the use of Malta for humanitarian aid missions to Libya.

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The island has been the departure point for rescue flights by the British Royal Air Force to pick up workers in isolated areas of Libya.

“Our approach is not military,” says British High Commissioner Louise Stanton, “however the military do have certain assets that are easier to use in this kind of circumstance, when we do a humanitarian operation.”

euronews’ correspondent in Malta, José Miguel Sardo, says so far around 13,000 foreigners have passed through the port.

Most of the people evacuated worked in the oil industry or related businesses. For many there is a clear sense of relief at getting out.

“We were attacked and robbed by some godless people,” a worker from Germany said, “not personally but the company gear.”

Another man said: “There have been some very difficult days. I was in a camp and we were fortunate to have enough armed security to protect us.”

But while allowing the island to be used for rescue missions, the Maltese government is refusing to hand back two fighter jets to Gaddafi. A plane bringing pilots from Libya to fetch the jets was denied landing permission.