euronews visits fallen Benghazi military base

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euronews visits fallen Benghazi military base

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euronews journalist Mohamed Elhamy has been filming in Benghazi. He visited an abandoned military base that fell into the hands of anti-government supporters two weeks ago.

It took the rebels five days to achieve their goal, with the loss of numerous lives.

Our reporter met one of those who took part in the assault.

The man told euronews: “We stayed for five days, going backwards and forewards. We kept coming back, checking things out. The batallion continued to kill people. As we advanced, they kept killing, so we stopped. Other people living elsewhere heard about this and came and joined us. They weren’t happy to hear that local people were dying.”

In the basement of the military camps are prisons and stocks of weapons. The rebels released the prisoners they found. One young man told euronews how proud he was of the victory over the soldiers.

“It’s the most important batallion in Benghazi,” he said. “Everything is there in the batallion. You see those stocks of arms there? When Gaddafi used to come, he would go straight to the batallion.”

The casualty list in Benghazi is long: more than 250 dead and more than 2000 injured.

Mohamed Elhamy said: “With the fall of the Al Fadhil batallion, it was the whole city that fell into the hands of the rebels. The base was often visited by Gaddafi, which explains the level of the destruction here.”

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