Malta at centre of operations in Libyan crisis

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Malta at centre of operations in Libyan crisis

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Over the last seven days at least 8,000 foreigners with more than 50 different nationalities between them have been evacuated from Libya and brought to the island of Malta.

Whether it be by air or by sea, the country has welcomed them as part of a full scale international operation.

The Maltese government has set up a command centre to manage the crisis.

Malta’s Foreign Minister Tonio Borg said: “The more difficult areas are the oil fields in the desert, and I say this because there is not just one but there are a lot of installations if you look at a map. So those are more difficult to evacuate and we not have evacuated everyone.”

Two more catamarans with more than 500 passengers on board are due to arrive later today.

Malta’s Prime Minister Laurence Gonzi said a quick conclusion to the operation would be essential.

“We are foreseeing a scenario where it will be absolutely vital for us to provide basic essential needs for the Libyan people in Libya.”

The UK has not waited for Gaddafi to go.

Once more its military planes flew into Libya without permission and picked up civilians from the desert oil fields.