Libya: Gaddafi fights to hold on to Tripoli

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Libya: Gaddafi fights to hold on to Tripoli

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The battle to control Libya rages on. In Tripoli, residents from one suburb of the capital were mourning the death of a man killed in the violence now engulfing the capital.

His family insisted he was one of several people shot dead by mercenaries after protesting against the government of Muammar Gaddafi.

It is clear Libya’s longtime leader, appears as determined as ever to quash the uprising. The latest amateur footage from Tripoli purports to show Gaddafi loylists firing on anti-government protesters.

The regime’s days may be numbered, however. Much of Libya now appears out of the government’s hands. Even in Tripoli, seemingly Gaddafi’s last major stronghold, nothing seems certain with parts of the city appearing to go over to the opposition. In a desperate bid to cling on to power, reports claim the embattled leadership has opened weapons stores to civilian supporters.

Checkpoints have also been set up with fears the capital will soon go the same way as Libya’s other main cities. On Saturday, those still loyal to Gaddafi insisted everything was fine.

‘‘Muammar Gaddafi is good, very, very good,’‘ said one man.

‘‘No problem, Libya… no problem, Libya… you understand!’‘ said another.

Despite such support, unconfirmed reports suggest parts of the military command in the west of Libya is also starting to turn against Gaddafi.