Libya: the latest situation in Benghazi

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Libya: the latest situation in Benghazi

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Muammar Gaddafi’s control of Tripoli looks increasingly tenuous, but the east of the country has been free from his grip for days.

Euronews spoke to freelance journalist Francesca Cicardi in Benghazi. She said: ‘‘The revolutionaries in Benghazi are already working hard to give the city new institutions and start a post-Gaddafi era.”

“All the cities east of Libya are managing themselves through revolutionary committees and are hoping the west will soon fall. Especially Tripoli, where Gaddafi remains completely isolated. The Colonel controls barely 15 per cent of the country, according to the rebels in Benghazi. The army has said that it is ready to defend the city but that it will not take an active role in the final fall of the regime. We can say that the east of Libya is completely liberated following the fall of the city of Kufra in the southeast, near to the border with Sudan.’‘