Gaddafi battles to keep hold of Tripoli

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Gaddafi battles to keep hold of Tripoli

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Clashes in Tripoli between pro- and anti-Gaddafi supporters have been reported as the Libyan leader battles to control his capital. Much of the city is said to be deserted as his gunmen roam the streets.

But the circle appears to be tightening with reports of uprisings to the north and west of Tripoli.

For the rest of the country there is a definite east-west divide, with the east firmly in the hands of protesters.

In cities such as Tobruk police have either withdrawn or joined with disparate opposition groups to start providing some sort of order.

People have taken to flying the old Libyan flag from a time before Gaddafi.

There are reports that on Friday Tripoli will try to emulate Tobruk with another demonstration.

But elsewhere gruesome footage has come to light showing the desperation and ruthlessness of the security forces.

It is believed the bodies they show are those of soldiers shot by fellow officers for refusing to obey orders.