Nations scramble to get nationals out of chaotic Libya

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Nations scramble to get nationals out of chaotic Libya

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Hundreds of foreign nationals are camped out at a frantic Tripoli Airport as governments from around the world scramble boats and planes to get their people out of Libya, as the chaos in country deepens.

Russia, France, Greece and the United Kingdom along with many other nations are laying on transport to repatriate nationals.

Turkey, with 25,000 citizens in Libya is mounting the biggest evacuation in its history with more than 2,000 already back home.

The shooting dead of a Turkish worker at a building site close to Tripoli has increased the urgency of the operation as fear begins to grip those stranded in the country.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said his country will do all it can to help other nationals escape Libya:

“There are several demands from different friendly countries for us to help their citizens. For us this is a humanitarian issue and we will do everything possible to consider these demands positively and help those who need such an evacuation.”

A French military aircraft arrived in Tripoli much to the relief of those lucky enough to get a seat:

“Phew, given the state of the airport, everything cancelled, the chances of getting a scheduled flight were pretty slim, yeah it’s a huge relief.”

As the situation continues to deteriorate and Libyan officials break ranks with the regime more and more aircraft are finding it difficult to get a landing or take-off slot.