Deaths from New Zealand quake likely to rise

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Deaths from New Zealand quake likely to rise

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Rescue teams in New Zealand worked late into Wednesday night to search for survivors of the Christchurch earthquake.

The number of confirmed dead remained at 75 but is expected to rise as more than 300 people are still missing.

The operation was disrupted in some areas by fears that badly damaged buildings could collapse.

Engineers have told police there is a significant risk that the city’s tallest building, a 26-storey hotel, could fall down, creating a disastrous domino effect.

A national state of emergency has been declared after the disaster in New Zealand’s second largest city.

Aftershocks are still being felt frequently. A curfew has been imposed in one area, with the army deployed to keep people away from danger.

Rescue specialists from Japan are on their way to New Zealand, as are others from several countries including Britain and the US.

The first Australian experts are already on the streets in Christchurch.