UN facing calls for action over Libya

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UN facing calls for action over Libya

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The focus of attention is also on the UN in New York where anti-Gaddafi protesters have already been making their feelings known outside the building.

The Security Council is to meet in closed session amid calls for international action to protect Libyan citizens from the wrath of their rulers.

Libyan diplomats who have broken away from the regime have been explaining their decision.

“We have never been with Gaddafi, we are with the people,” said Ibrahim Dabbashi, deputy ambassador to the UN. “We just made a statement to ask the international community to intervene to do something to help the Libyan people who are facing genocide in Tripoli. Also (they are) facing crimes against humanity in all the eastern cities of Libya.”

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he spoke to Gaddafi yesterday and urged him to stop the violence.

“I have seen very disturbing and shocking scenes where Libyan authorities have been firing at demonstrators from warplanes and helicopters,” he said. “This is unacceptable. This must stop immediately. This is a serious violation of international humanitarian law.”

The Arab League is also holding an emergency meeting in Cairo today.

The international community is voicing concern but it is facing calls for immediate measures, such as a no-fly zone above Libya to stop mercenaries from coming in.

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