Libya in chaos

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Libya in chaos

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The situation in Libya remains confused, chaotic and dangerous. The latest amateur video has shown just how intense the fighting was in some parts of the capital Tripoli on Monday.

Tens of thousands of people are reportedly trying to flee the violence, foreigners are being evacuated and international oil companies have suspended operations in the country.

The situation on the ground is hard to report because of the regime’s hostility towards the foreign media. Many of the most telling images have so far come from amateur video.

Although the military has attacked demonstrators, some soldiers are defecting and supporting the people.

The uprising goes beyond Tripoli, with reports that the opposition demonstrators are in control of Tobruk and Libya’s second largest city Benghazi in the north east of the country.

The Libyan side of the border with Egypt is also reportedly in the hands of armed anti-Gadaffi rebels.

Although impossible to verify at present, one Libyan student has told the news agency Reuters that he witnessed mercenaries from other parts of Africa opening fire on demonstrators.

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