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brussels bureau

  • Ashton follows Cameron to Egypt

    The European Union’s foreign policy chief, visiting Cairo, has talked about adding a billion euros… 22/02/11 20:13 CET

  • Hard knocks of EU diplomacy

    Eleven days after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, the European Union’s foreign minister Catherine Ashton… 22/02/11 20:13 CET





world news

  • Army and police join Bahrain protesters

    The centre of the Bahraini capital Manama has been filled with thousands of demonstrators calling… 22/02/11 20:12 CET

  • Scramble to evacuate foreign nationals from Libya

    The scramble to evacuate foreign nationals out of Libya is in full swing as the situation in the… 22/02/11 20:09 CET

  • How Libya unrest impacts the global economy

    The aftershocks from the unrest in Libya are also being felt across global financial markets… 22/02/11 19:46 CET

  • Iranian opposition worry for arrested leaders

    Iran’s opposition movement has told euronews they have been unable to contact one of their leaders… 22/02/11 19:46 CET

  • Gaddafi remains defiant

    Colonel Gaddafi has made a defiant and inflammatory speech on Libyan state television.  It lasted… 22/02/11 19:14 CET

  • Foreigners flee Libya: ‘they’re shooting people randomly’

    Thousands of foreigners from Libya’s neighbouring countries have been trying to flee across the… 22/02/11 17:44 CET

  • Yemen

    President Ali Abdullah Saleh has ruled what is the Arab world’s poorest nation for 32 years. Crowds… 22/02/11 17:40 CET

  • Tunisia

    The first regime to fall. President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali was ousted on January 14 after 23 years… 22/02/11 17:38 CET

  • Syria profile

    A protest, a rare occurrence in Syria, was held on Thursday 17 February but few people turned up… 22/02/11 17:35 CET

  • Sudan

    Groups of Sudanese students inspired by events in Egypt and Tunisia used social network sites to… 22/02/11 17:34 CET

  • Saudi Arabia

    Although there has been little in the way of protest, the situation in neighbouring countries like… 22/02/11 17:28 CET

  • Morocco

    Tens of thousands of people joined peaceful rallies in cities across the country on February 20 to… 22/02/11 17:22 CET

  • Libya

    Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi seems to be losing his 41-year grip on power. Protests start in the… 22/02/11 17:21 CET

  • Jordan

    Protests, largely peaceful, began in January calling for political and economic reform amid high… 22/02/11 17:16 CET

  • Iraq

    Anti-government protests sprang up across the country in the middle of February. The worst violence… 22/02/11 17:15 CET

  • Iran

    Iranian opposition groups returned to the streets on February 14 after more than a year of staying… 22/02/11 17:04 CET

  • Egypt

    The most populous Arab country, Egypt was the second domino to fall. After 18 days of intense and… 22/02/11 17:04 CET

  • Libya in chaos

    The situation in Libya remains confused, chaotic and dangerous. The latest amateur video has shown… 22/02/11 17:03 CET

  • Bahrain

    King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa and his family has maintained a firm grip on power in Bahrain, where… 22/02/11 17:03 CET

  • Algeria

    Army backed President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been in power since 1999. At the beginning of the… 22/02/11 16:54 CET

  • Survivors recount the horror of Christchurch

    The survivors of the Christchurch earthquake are lucky to be alive, but are in a state of shock… 22/02/11 16:15 CET

  • Iranian warships pass through Suez Canal

    Two Iranian warships have passed through the Suez Canal, the first from the country to do so since… 22/02/11 16:14 CET

  • Major quake hits Christchurch hard

    With at least 65 people killed and upwards of 100 more people trapped in shattered buildings, New… 22/02/11 15:54 CET

  • UN facing calls for action over Libya

    The focus of attention is also on the UN in New York where anti-Gaddafi protesters have already… 22/02/11 13:04 CET

  • State of Emergency declared in Christchurch

    From the air, the extent of the damage to Christchurch and the surrounding area is all too clear to… 22/02/11 12:24 CET

  • Bahrain to free prisoners as government supporters rally

    Thousands have marched in Bahrain on Tuesday at the funeral of a man killed during anti-government… 22/02/11 11:23 CET

  • Libya teeters on the brink

    Latest amateur pictures from Tripoli and Benghazi show how the east of Libya is in uproar as its… 22/02/11 11:03 CET

  • Death toll rises in NZ quake

    The casualty figures are rising in Christchurch, New Zealand following the 6.3 magnitude earthquake… 22/02/11 09:10 CET

  • Iranian warships head through Suez canal

    Two Iranian warships, a frigate and a naval supply vessel, have entered the Suez canal, bound for… 22/02/11 07:43 CET

  • Libyan diplomats reject Gaddafi’s “brutal regime”

    In an unprecedented move, most of Libya’s mission to the United Nations in New York has revolted… 22/02/11 06:23 CET

  • Eyewitness says situation is dangerous in Libya

    Despite western journalists being banned from reporting in Libya, eyewitness accounts are managing… 22/02/11 06:03 CET

  • Gaddafi still in control in Tripoli as unrest grows

    A police station in Tobruk is set ablaze by anti-government protesters – scenes of unrest have… 22/02/11 05:43 CET

  • New Zealand is rocked by a deadly earthquake

    The moment a huge earthquake struck near the city of Christchurch in New Zealand was caught on… 22/02/11 04:04 CET

  • Gaddafi says he’s still in Tripoli

    Libya’s leader has made a fleeting appearance on state television signalling his defiance over the… 22/02/11 02:33 CET

  • EU reviews policy towards turmoil-hit countries

    EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels have called for an immediate end to the violence in Libya… 22/02/11 01:53 CET

  • Algerian students defy regime protest ban

    Hundreds of students have rallied in the Algerian capital as the wave of protest continues to sweep… 22/02/11 00:44 CET

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