Foreign nationals relieved to escape Libyan chaos

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Foreign nationals relieved to escape Libyan chaos

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EU nationals fleeing the chaos in Libya are beginning to arrive home as the situation in the North African country continues to deteriorate.

Two European oil companies BP and Statoil have begun pulling out their people as the international community calls on Libya to protect all foreign nationals.

Yet, diplomats say authorities are complicating matters by imposing extra exit visa conditions on foreigners, in Paris one man said:

“Tunisia was a more peaceful revolution. There was no real danger for expats. In Libya it is not against us but everyone is armed so you can get quickly caught up in it.”

“In Benghazi its really tough but in Tripoli if you stay in its OK, there is no hunt for foreigners.” said another.

Italy has around 1,500 nationals living and working in its former colony.

Italian’s arriving back in Rome spoke of a night of gunfire and plain-clothed security personnel on the streets.

“We heard shootings and lots of confusion in town. Also, we heard that 5,000 people were on their way to march on Tripoli from Benghazi. But there were no official news. So, who knows. Anyway, the little that is known doesn’t look good at all.”