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Thousands celebrate in Pearl Square

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Thousands celebrate in Pearl Square


With the army and now police gone from Pearl Square, hundreds of people have been rushing back in to celebrate.

The authorities had been determined to prevent the roundabout from becoming a base like Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

But one eyewitness told euronews that she, her friends and family were prepared to give up their lives to force change.

“Everyone was ready to die, me and my sisters left our house today, and we were ready to give our souls. When we left Suleimanyia there was some people telling us to not go, but we arrived at the square,” said the woman who wished to remain anonymous.

“What I heard from the people here, and what I see is clear. They don’t want any negotiation, they don’t want the Khalifa family, everyone wants to see them answer for their crimes and those who’ve committed murder. When we arrived at the square, we saw a lot of blood on the ground, it was unbelievable,” she added.

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