Opposition MP hospitalised by police in Algiers

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Opposition MP hospitalised by police in Algiers

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Reports suggest that police have adopted aggressive tactics against protesters in Algiers

According to eyewitnesses RCD opposition deputy, Tahar Besbes, has been hospitalised after being beaten up by police earlier.

Boubakeur Derguini is an RCD MP he saw the incident:

“He has been brutally assaulted by the security services, by a police officer. He was punched in the face, stunned on the spot, he lost consciousness.

euronews: “Do you think the police have been heavy handed with the demonstrators?”

Boubakeur Derguini: “ Definitely, police violence is up a notch. The more the people mobilise, like ourselves in the National Coordination for Change and Democracy, the more the security services seem bent on violence, they are carrying out orders:

euronews : Mr Darguini, do you think that ordinary Algerians are losing interest in the protests?

Boubakeur Darguini: “You have plain clothes police officers breaking up groups of over 3 people. No…Algerians are not losing interest. The police surrounded the square,so we moved to the next street, for me there are more people protesting today than one week ago.”

Boubaker Derguini: “You have plainclothes police who dispersed groups that exceed the 3 people. So there’s no slowing in the mobilization . Today, even if the grid instead of May 1, protesters stormed the next street. visisblement And look like is more important than the last time