Witness in Bahrain: the ground is painted with blood

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Witness in Bahrain: the ground is painted with blood

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Eyewitness reports coming out of Bahrain say troops have opened fire on anti-government protesters, with many wounded.

Demonstrations started peacefully but then shots rang out.

One account of many wounded comes from a former Shi’ite member of parliament quoted by the Reuters news agency.

euronews spoke to someone at a main hospital where the injured are being treated.

“We are in Salmaniyah hospital,” she said. “We’re away from the place where the clashes are happening. But we can hear the clashes, the explosions. A witness just came from there and said the ground was red. The ground is red, painted with blood.”

As night fell, security forces boosted their presence on the streets.

The fresh violence came just hours after the country’s crown prince appealed for calm and dialogue.

It also came as funerals were held for the four people killed when riot police broke up a protest camp in Pearl Square on Thursday.

More than 230 others were wounded in the raid, which took place when most of the protesters were asleep.