Protesters can topple Saleh: Yemeni analyst

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Protesters can topple Saleh: Yemeni analyst

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euronews spoke with Abdullah Al Fakih, a political science professor at Sanaa University, who believes Yemen’s anti-government protesters could topple President Saleh.

Al Fakih described the demonstrations as “a popular youth movement.”

“It began with protests calling for the overthrow of President Ali Abdallah Saleh. This movement progressively became larger, spreading across the country,” he told euronews in a telephone interview.

“I think they will topple the regime because their demands are shared by all parts of Yemeni society, including the opposition parties.”

Al Fakih acknowledged that the opposition had been slow to react to the protesters’ demands but predicted they would eventually follow the youth movement.

“Saleh is saying that if he leaves, it will allow Al-Qaeda to spread its operations in Yemen and increase the threat to the international community and plunge the country into an endless civil war,” the professor said.

“Of course, there are always risks and fears of change. But the fear of change is not as great as the fear of current regime.”

“As long as we have Al-Qaeda and rebels in the north and calls of separation in the south — as well as a severe economic situation — all these problems will be more complicated if this regime remains in power.”