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  • Nigeria: Residents in the north east say an attack on two polling stations by suspected militants has left two people dead – AFP
  • Saudi King Salman says operation decisive storm will continue until achieves its targets, and Yemen achieves peace and security – Reuters
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More than 100 men jailed for membership of the banned Libyan Islamic Fighting Group have been set free from a jail near Tripoli.

This only hours after rare clashes between police and hundreds of anti-government demonstrators.

The freeing of men suspected of belonging to the LIFC has taken place since last year.

Amateur footage has emerged of the recent violence in the city of Benghazi, with what appears to be heavy gunfire and wounded demonstrators.

The clashes in Libya, ruled by Muammar Gaddafi for more than 40 years, come on the heels of the popular revolts in Egypt and Tunisia.

Opposition leader in exile and International Criminal Court judge Hadi Shalluf told euronews: “We’re demanding that this regime falls and a coalition government be formed. We made this demand to the government a week ago.

“We want a constitutional committee to adopt a new constitution for the country, legislative and presidential elections. We want to try all of those who’ve committed crimes, to try all of those accused of corruption.”

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