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Deaths reported in Yemen clashes

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Deaths reported in Yemen clashes


At least two people are reported dead and around 20 have been injured in Yemen as protests spread across the country. In the capital Sanaa security forces used tear gas to disperse protesters demanding an end to President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s three decades in power.

After a crowd several hundred strong rallied at a university campus, police were unable to isolate them from pro-government demonstrators who charged at them armed with daggers and clubs.

Meanwhile a 21-year-old man was reportedly shot dead in the southern port of Aden.

Over three weeks the protests have grown increasingly violent.

Yemen which borders oil-rich Saudi Arabia is desperately poor, with youth unemployment of at least 35 percent.

The president has described the unrest as a foreign plot to create chaos in Arab countries. He has said he will not stay in power beyond 2013 but the protesters want immediate change.

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