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More than 300 sex charges for Germany's "Fritzl"

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More than 300 sex charges for Germany's "Fritzl"


A man dubbed the “German Fritzl” has admitted fathering seven of his stepdaughter’s children but denied repeatedly raping her and two of his other children over more than 20 years.

The 48-year-old known simply as Detlef S due to privacy laws, is on trial in the city of Koblenz charged with more than 300 cases of sexual abuse dating from 1987 to summer last year. He faces 15 years in prison.

The case echoes that of Josef Fritzl, an Austrian man who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2009 after imprisoning his daughter in a purpose-built dungeon for 24 years. He fathered seven children by her and incinerated the body of one child, who died in confinement.

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