Egypt's army sets time-frame for reform

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Egypt's army sets time-frame for reform

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Egypt’s army has said the country’s constitution will be amended in 10 days.

The ruling military council – which assumed power last week after the fall of President Mubarak – said a committee of legal experts would draw up the reforms.

The high command also declared it hoped to hand power to an elected civilian leadership within six months.

The centre of Cairo is now devoid of protesters.

The announcements are arguably the clearest indication yet the military is committed to a brief stay in power. But some believe racing to elections could hand an advantage to the Muslim Brotherhood, something the group denies.

“We are not going to have a candidate for the upcoming presidential election. We can discuss the programmes of all the candidates when they appear and we can discuss their policies and will make our decisions at that time. And we are also not targeting the idea of having a majority in the next parliament,’‘ Essam el-Arian from the Muslim Brotherhood said.

He added: We have the right to organise ourselves in a political party. Also, the millions of people, the young people, who took part in the revolution, and achieved this victory have the right to express themselves, and also have the right to organise themselves in a multi-party system, and they should do this.”

The army command has also repeated its call for an end to nationwide strikes that are crippling the economy. Earlier, hundreds of tour guides gathered in Giza to urge tourists to come back despite the recent upheaval.