Bahraini protesters clash with police

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Bahraini protesters clash with police

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Pro-democracy protesters have clashed with police in Bahrain.

Hundreds of mainly Shi’ite people held demonstrations on the outskirts of the capital, Manama, and in villages across the country.

Bahrain is ruled by a Sunni Muslim monarchy, although some 70 percent of the country’s population are Shia Muslims.

Riot officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets to break up the demonstrations.

One man was shot in the leg.

The protesters want a greater say in the running of their country’s affairs.

The Shi’ite majority has long complained of discrimination by the ruling Sunni minority.

The use of police force appears to contradict earlier promises made by the Bahraini government to allow peaceful protests.

The demonstrators called it a ‘day of rage’, a nod to the recent popular unrest in Tunisa and Egypt.