Army tells Egyptians: 'Get back to work'

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Army tells Egyptians: 'Get back to work'

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Egypt’s military rulers on Monday called upon disgruntled workers to stop striking and return to their jobs.

Employees in a number of key sectors want better pay and conditions.

The country’s economy ground to a halt during demonstrations that toppled former president, Hosni Mubarak.

In a statement on state television, military spokesman General Mohsen el-Fangari said strikes and disputes would threaten Egypt’s security and damage its economy.

He called on all citizens, professionals and labour unions to be responsible at this crucial time.

Egypt’s stock exchange has been shut since January 27 because of the political unrest.

Banks are not expected to reopen until Wednesday.

The tourism sector, which accounts for six percent of GDP, has also been hit by a drop in revenues.