Protests broken up in Iran

With the foreign media banned, the internet restricted, and the mobile phone network shut down, the Iranian authorities are doing their best to


Opposition marches in Iran

The opposition has taken to the streets of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz and Kermanshah in Iran in defiance of a government ban. Marching


Surgery without a scalpel

Doctors in Liverpool have unveiled a new cancer scanner that removes the need for invasive brain surgery.   The Novalis TX uses a system similar to a


Protests grow in Yemen

Hundreds of anti-government demonstrators have marched through the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, to call on President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step


King's Speech steals the show

The film The King’s Speech has won seven prizes at the BAFTA awards ceremony in London. Colin Firth, who plays the stammering King George VI in the


Safer Internet Day 2011

On 8 February, Safer Internet Day took place in almost 70 countries across Europe and world-wide. How can the Internet be made safer for children?


Don't chuck that TV, recycle it

Electronics ranging from televisions to mobile phones contain elements which are likely to become scarce. Still, most obsolete electronics end up in