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Crowds resist army's attempts to clear Tahrir square

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Crowds resist army's attempts to clear Tahrir square


The Egyptian army is struggling to clear Tahrir square in the centre of Cairo, to allow traffic to use the roundabout again, but soldiers are facing resistance from people who are determined not to leave until their demands are fully met.

Thousands streamed back towards the square on hearing the military police was moving in to clear away bedding and temporary shelters. Some protestors are attempting to show their desire to co-operate and get Egypt moving again by becoming impromptu traffic police, guiding cars around.

“The military tried to move the people out of the square, but the people refused because they still have some requests and they are not going to move from the square until these requests are done. But the military are very good people, they are not going to hurt the Egyptian people, They are from us and we are from them,” said one man.

“Our demand which has been achieved is the fall of the regime. We all had one goal and wanted to be able to live in freedom and liberty in this upcoming period and thank God we were able to do so. These folks here have other demands, demands that are impossible. God created the world in 7 days, they want everything in one day and that is wrong,” said another.

Just over a couple of kilometres to the north-east police demonstrated outside the interior ministry for more pay, and shots were heard.

Otherwise back at the square other people showed they were keen to start rebuilding Egypt, refusing to leave but sweeping up debris and repainting kerbstones.

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