US calls for emergency laws to be lifted

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US calls for emergency laws to be lifted

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After hundreds of thousands of Egyptians packed into Cairo’s Tahrir Square in a major outpouring of anger against President Hosni Mubarak, the US finally firmed up its stance on the uprising.

Impressed with the renewed momentum, Washington called on the government to lift immediately the country’s emergency laws which have been in place for 30 years.

Edging its bets, the US also renewed its praise for the behaviour of the army.

However claims that a transfer of power is being planned have been dismissed by protesters.

For those in Tahrir Square nothing less than the stepping down of Mubarak will do.

Some activists are describing it a ‘half revolution’, illustrating their determination to see it through.

But calls from the Iraqi branch of Al Qaeda for multicultural Egyptians to conduct a holy war are likely to fall on deaf ears.

Though the violent scenes have subsided the United Nations estimates that at least 300 people have died in the protests.