Stalemate as Egypt enters third week of protest

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Stalemate as Egypt enters third week of protest

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Protesters demanding the removal of Egypt’s president have once again been out in force as the country’s popular uprising enters its third week.

The calls for Hosni Mubarak showed no sign of weakening in cities all over Egypt despite talks between the government and opposition groups.

Many demonstrators believe the Mubarak administration is playing for time. The situation, for the moment, appears to be at a stalemate.

Mubarak’s vice-president Omar Suleiman went on TV to say that a clear timetabled plan had been initiated to bring about a peaceful and organised transfer of power.

The more hard-line among the protesters said the dialogue is simply political manoeuvring to prolong the rule of an old man stubbornly clinging to power.

Mubarak declared himself convinced that the government was doing the right thing.

In Cairo, pro-democracy demonstrators filled Tahrir Square to bursting point for the third time since the revolt began.

Some say so far they have a ‘half-revolution’ but are determined to see it through until the president goes.