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N&S Korea get back to the negotiating table

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N&S Korea get back to the negotiating table


North and South Korea have held their first talks since a deadly attack on a South Korean island last year.

The meeting between high ranking military officials is being widely seen as a crucial step towards the resumption of aid-for-disarmament negotiations.

The last talks aimed at ending the North’s nuclear weapons programme were held more than two years ago and ended when the Northern delegation walked out.

Under pressure from the United States and China, both sides have toned down their combative rhetoric over the past month.

But the South is expected to demand more information about last year’s attack against Yeonpyeong island in disputed waters off the west coast. Four people were killed in the shelling.

Today’s talks are aimed at setting a timetable for higher level dialogue, something which may take several rounds of meetings to prepare.

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