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Peres "warns" of dangers of Egyptian democracy

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Peres "warns" of dangers of Egyptian democracy


Israeli President Shimon Peres says elections in Egypt would be dangerous. He said there would if the Muslim Brotherhood won a vote they “would not bring peace”.

At the European Friends of Israel conference in Jerusalem Peres also praised Muabarak.

“In spite of all the attacks against President Mubarak, I have known him for many years, throughout his presidency,” he said.

“And I credit him as one of the persons who saved many lives by preventing war in the Middle East. He saved the lives of Egyptians, of Arabs, of Israelis by not allowing a war to be renewed. No matter what criticism there is now against him, his contribution for peace, as far as I’m concerned, will never be forgotten.”

The Quartet of Middle East peace brokers also discussed the implications for Israel and the Palestinians in talks in Munich last night.

The EU, UN, US and Russia say both sides should recognise the security risk posed by the situation in Egypt and speed up peace efforts.

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