Evacuees talk of men with swords, machetes and pistols

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Evacuees talk of men with swords, machetes and pistols

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Britons arriving in London from Cairo have been speaking about their horror as the capital descended into chaos.

Events in Egypt live

One man, Robert Mant, said: “It’s not safe anywhere. Tahrir Sqare, until yesterday afternoon Tahrir Square was the safest place because the army were keeping peace, but then they let the pro Mubarak protesters in and you saw it yourself. The rocks, things, microwaves being thrown from the roofs. It’s disgusting, it’s a disgrace what’s happening. And he’s sitting there watching it all.”

From our correspondents in Cairo

Another returning British national, Shukria Ahmed-Nur, said: “It’s actually been really horrible. There’s been men outside our apartment with samurai swords and machetes and pistols and guns all walking there. There’s been big army tanks and massive armoured vehicles.”

Jala Ibrahim said: “I’ve left behind my husband so it’s a very difficult time for all of us, but I just want everybody please to support these people. I just call on the kindness of your hearts to support them. They just want to live free like all of us do.”

Britain is one of numerous countries organising charter flights for foreigners who want to leave Egypt.