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Was Mona Lisa a man?


Was Mona Lisa a man?

The Mona Lisa was a man. That is the latest theory presented by Italian art historians linked to the world’s most famous painting.

After allegedly finding the initials L and S in the eyes of the Mono Lisa, the S is thought to refer to the artist’s possible lover, an assistant called Salai. But it is not the only discovery. The number 72 on a bridge in the background has also come under close scrutiny.

Art Historian Silvano Vinceti claims: “72, in Jewish tradition, is the name of God. 72 are the 72 disciples of Christ in the New Testament.”

But nothing is straightforward in the world of art and experts at the Louvre in Paris dispute the findings. They say the ageing process has caused cracks in the work which are open to interpretation

The real importance is that it is a reflection of Leonardo da Vinci’s interest in religion and mysticism.


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