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euronews correspondent on Egypt's violence

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euronews correspondent on Egypt's violence


Carlos Rayón, euronews HQ, Lyon:

‘We are joined by Luis Carballo, our special correspondent, from Cairo. Luis you are at Tahrir Square where we’ve seen violent clashes between pro- and anti-Mubarak demonstrators.’

Luis Carballo, euronews, Cairo:

‘Hi Carlos. As you said we are very close to Tahrir Square, the Liberation Square, 300 meters away to be precise. It has been a very tense day. The situation has changed dramatically. If on Tuesday the streets of the centre of Cairo were in the hands of the opposition, today it was more mixed. In fact from the testimonies that we had from the pro Mubarak side, their objective is to reconquer this Liberation Square and win back media coverage that the opposition side has been occupying for more than a week.’

Carlos Rayón

‘Luis, the opposition leader, ElBaradei asked the army to intervene to protect Egyptian lives. What is the role of the army and the police? Can you see police in the streets?’

Luis Carballo, euronews, Cairo

‘No, police in uniform absolutely not, at least in the area that we were in. We haven’t seen a single police officer wearing uniform. Otherwise, we’ve seen several police in civilian clothes on various occasions among the pro-Mubarak people. At the beginning those officers invited us to leave the area, to not film and finally they finished by showing us their firearms revealing themselves to be policemen.

As for the role of the army, it is in my opinion purely passive, they didn’t react at any time. But strangely, this morning we noticed that some unusual manoeuvres in the sense that many of the streets leading to Tahrir Square were abandoned leaving Mubarak followers free access.’

Carlos Rayón

Mubarak is not giving up and the opposition wants to keep fighting… in this confrontation, who do you think is winning?

“Both camps are trying to get all the possible support in the streets. As we saw on Tuesday, the opposition could mobilize a huge crowd. We thought that the Mubarak camp wouldn’t be able to react but today they proved us wrong. They showed that they are going to fight and that it is not going to be easy for the anti Mubarak protesters.

The strategy of the Mubarak supporters will be one of permanent harassment, to get the protesters out of the square… a square that is becoming a symbol of the resistance, and this is something that the pro Mubarak camp wants to avoid.’

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