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Mubarak supporters in Cairo

On the banks of the Nile hundreds of people shout chants in favour of the embattled Egyptian president. “Yes to Mubarak, leader of the Arab nation.”


No kid's play at top toy fair

The world’s largest toy fair is underway in the German city of Nuremberg, but if you were thinking of taking the kids, forget it, the event is just


Mubarak supporters fight back

On the banks of the Nile, not far from the television broadcasting studios, around a hundred people shout chants in favour of the embattled Egyptian


Turning the Energy Tide

A Norwegian inventor is developing a system that provides hydro-electric power on a non-industrial scale. Like many innovations, it came unsolicited


Egypt protests in banners

On Tahrir Square it seems everyone has something to say and to make themselves heard above the crowd, many are saying it with a banner.   “Get out


Clashes marr Egypt protests

Clashes have broken out in Egypt between supporters and opponents of President Hosni Mubarak. Dozens of injuries have been reported near Tahrir


Yemeni president to stand down

The protests in the arab world are also having repurcussions in Yemen. President Ali Abdullah Saleh says he will not extend his thirty year rule when