Egyptian exodus fills Cairo Airport

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Egyptian exodus fills Cairo Airport

Egyptian exodus fills Cairo Airport
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Anxious passengers are packing Cairo’s Airport awaiting flights out of Egypt.

The number of countries advising their citizens to leave the country is growing. America, Japan and China are among the nations chartering planes.

Tourists as well as foreign workers make up the thousands leaving.

“Our husbands work for the oil industry,” said one British woman. “Our husbands are behind us and they have evacuated out the families and the children today.”

A Spanish traveller told reporters he had decided to leave “because the situation is getting complicated and dangerous.” He added: “We can’t go anywhere and we have three little daughters.”

In Madrid, Spanish passengers arriving back at Barajas Airport told tales of tear gas and violence on the streets of Cairo.

“All the staff at the hotel were armed with sticks to defend the building from looters,” said one tourist. “The restaurant right in front of the hotel was set alight.”

Nearly 1,500 Turks have now left Egypt as the unrest continues.

One man, returning to Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport from Cairo, described what he witnessed:

“Policemen were terrified. They gave up protecting the city and began protecting their own families. There were looters everywhere and inmates had escaped from prison. It was frightening. We asked our government for help and they brought us here.”

With protests showing no sign of abating, many more foreign nationals are expected to leave Egypt over the coming days.