Mubarak promises fail to silence Egypt protests

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Mubarak promises fail to silence Egypt protests

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Egyptians show no sign of halting their angry protests against President Hosni Mubarak’s thirty-year rule.

The Egyptian capital looked more like a war zone on Saturday morning as smoke and the smell of tear gas hung in the air.

Police reportedly fired shots near a protest but it is unclear whether they used live ammunition.

Mubarak ordered tanks and the military into the streets in an attempt to restore order.

In a midnight address, the president refused to bow to the protesters’ demands.

He instead dismissed his government and promised “new steps towards more democracy and freedoms.”

But the speech failed to quell the unrest as demonstrators defied a government-imposed night-time curfew.

The protesters shouted “Down with Mubarak”, voicing their doubts that a man who has

clung on to power for nearly three decades can deliver the democratic change they seek.