Tunisia's foreign minister quits interim government

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Tunisia's foreign minister quits interim government

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Tunisia’s foreign minister Kamel Morjane has quit after further protests in the capital Tunis.

It came after activists, mostly students, stormed police barricades protecting the offices of the Prime Minister ahead of an anticipated reshuffle.

They have insisted they will continue until the old guard of deposed President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali is also kicked out of the interim government.

“We want Ben Ali and all his followers to leave, we want new faces and the dictatorship to go away.”

Despite the foreign minister’s resignation, the planned resuffle has still not been announced.

That is expected imminently and is likely to see the back of several other figures regarded as being close to the old regime, including the heads of Tunisia’s interior and defence ministries.

However, it remains uncertain if that will be enough to quell the unrest with many demanding the prime minister also step down.