Cautious optimism in Davos

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Cautious optimism in Davos

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Cautious optimism is filling the Swiss mountain resort of Davos. The World Economic Forum has opened with a certain easing of fears for the global economy.

Delegates are buoyed by the rapid growth in emerging markets.

Infosys is one of India’s leading IT employers and echoes this feeling.

B G Srinivas, Senior Vice President of Infosys said: “The mood in Davos is definitely positive. There is a greater degree of optimism both by the business community and by the people at large including governments and association trade bodies who have assembled here. Compared to last year the mood is positive.”

Manpower is a global corporation placing temporary workers. It is worried the stimulus packages implemented in many countries could begin to lose momentum.

“We need to be a little prudent because some support measures are coming to an end and in the second half of 2011 we could find find ourselves in more difficulty concerning real growth in this kind of sector,” said Françoise Gri, President of Manpower Southern Europe.

More than 1,400 business leaders are taking part in the annual meeting, thrashing out the main challenges and setting the agenda for the year to come.

Euronews correspondent Isabelle Kumar is in Davos:

“One of the resounding messages coming from Davos is to be aware of the pitfalls,” she said. “The forum has identified a number of risks: from globalisation to accelerating technological change and shifting power structures to name but a few. Facing up to this new reality could pave the way to a sustainable recovery.”