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Witnesses speak of horror at Domodedovo

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Witnesses speak of horror at Domodedovo


Those who survived the attack at Domodedovo airport will still be scarred by the memories of what they witnessed. The arrivals hall was packed, so although some were uninjured, the explosion was close enough; too close.

“I saw people covered in blood, with broken limbs, faces covered in blood. Many of them were unconscious,” one woman said.

“I saw a crowd of people, the ceiling fell in, then there was smoke, dust, and the smell of burning. The blast was strong enough to fling us back against the walls where we were sitting,” said another survivor.

“We were leaving the airport when we heard the sound of an explosion; debris started to fall from above, the blast opened the doors. The baggage delivery room was totally filled with smoke; our friends called us and said that there are many injured people,” said another woman.

Security has been tightened around the capital and investigators are combing through the debris. Pieces of shrapnel have already been found, along with body parts police believe belonged to the bomber.

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