Tunisia's military 'will protect revolution': army chief

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Tunisia's military 'will protect revolution': army chief

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The head of the Tunisian army on Monday warned a political vacuum could threaten the pro-democracy revolution which ousted former president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali.

General Rachid Ammar was speaking to demonstrators in Tunis determined to bring down the interim government, still dominated by Ben Ali’s political allies.

“Our revolution is your revolution. The revolution of the youth could be lost and exploited by those who call for a vacuum. The army will protect the revolution,” he told the crowd.

General Ammar played a key role in the North African country’s popular uprising.

He refused to follow orders from Ben Ali to shoot at the protesters.

Since the former leader’s flight into exile in Saudi Arabia, demonstrations have continued in the capital of Tunis.

Many are angry that Mohamed Ghannouchi, who was prime minister under Ben Ali, is leading the government.

Meanwhile, the Reuters news agency reported on Monday that opposition politicians are forming a committee of “wise men” to take over from Ghannouchi’s administration.